Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vegas drift stuffs

we went out to las vegas speedway last weekend to check out Round 2 of the VegasDrift pro-am series. Our good friend and shop regular Danny Le got his SR 240 out there courtesy of Jade @ jadecantdrift.com and i stood around near it acting like i was doing stuff

Danny was getting the hang of the kinda weird course but lack of tires had him cutting practice short in an attempt to have enough for the nights upcoming comp if needed
danny did his best in Quals but due to coming out of gear in his last run failed to make top 16 :( but im confident next time he will be a driver to watch! we love you Danny!

one of our other Elevens' sponsored driver, George "the Lumberjack" Marstanovic brought the Teal v8 FC out from Flagstaff to make a run at a Formula D license this year. as always he was ripping all sick.
the two AZ V8's playing around. George with KSport's car and driver Corey Hosford
i have decided G unit like to hit stuff with the car a little bit, likes to keep us busy as he worries we may get bored. nice guy
nothing we cant fix though

other things of note:
this 1j powered 13 coupe is sick, it looks like its on fire often
George was involved in the closest tandems i have ever seen, like really wow. crazy. he ended up not taking the win but still is sitting pretty with a 4th place finish.
this FD is extra yummy

AZ driver Mike Burns took the big W this round. very well deserved i must add as he drove soooo good. also won the insane entry award due to baddassery.

in all i highly reccommend the trip to this series as its alot of fun, good driving and cool people. see ya'll july 20th for round 3

photo credit goes to: Charles Siritho photgraphy, G2 productions, Kyle Pope KP photography

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