Sunday, July 3, 2011

whats going on over there?

we have been pushing really hard in the 115 degree weather to get Raymonds S14 done. the car will no doubt be one of the nicest 14's in the southwest, expect a shoot by our friend Charles Siritho soon but in the mean time here is some work in progress pics to get you excited.

the real BN Sports kit in primer

BN overs awaiting their turn for primer

D-Max hood needed some love

well, alot of love actually

much better

some dings and stuff were fixed of course

everything was wet sanded in preparation to being painted

neat trick here, by Raymond's request we fiberglassed in some sheetmetal to prevent the front fenders cracking. we will see down the road if it works

finally some color was sprayed

BMW Melbourne red from 07-09 M3 model

and here we are now

a few days of sanding and buffing then re-assembly. expect to see this car around the internetz soon

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