Saturday, June 30, 2012

S13 Aero for everybody!

we are proud and excited to announce a partnership we have just created with Missile Spec Aero! Photobucket Missle Spec Aero is based in Phoenix AZ and is a professional composites manufacturer with many years of experience. they have just finished their first product, the "pocket rocket" s13 hatchback wing. this product serves as both wing and trunk overlay, so not only does it look great, it also will cover any existing holes in your hatch left by OEM wing or rear wiper. Photobucket I have inspected the part personally and found it to be well made and an excellent fit. In fact, we like them so much we placed an order for one of our sponsored cars! look for it soon on Josh Lind's s13 hatch as we compete in VegasDrift round 4 Photobucket pricing is at a very low $180 at this time, available through Elevens' and Missile Spec only. we will be offering the first customers who purchase the product special pricing on mounting and painting services, so get your order in today. Photobucket coupe version is in process, we will be sure to keep everyone updated! please visit the Missle Spec Aero Facebook page to say hi and hit like while your there, thanks everyone!

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