Tuesday, October 19, 2010

XDC Phoenix write-up Part 2, "in your ass"

so here we go.... Practice day went well and we finally got some sleep! Vitaly had probably been awake for 50 hours at least the day before so some rest was needed.
we got to the track at around 10 am or so, a practice session was scheduled before qualifying. Some teams were really starting to stand out this point, and we could start to get a feel for who was going to have a good weekend.

>>>>>> The BMI 4 rotor RX-8 normally driven by B. Wilkerson in Formula D was doing good runs. if you were there you also know that its the loudest car ever made. ears bleed and birds fall dead from the sky when this thing just idles by. its amazing.

NST's Chelsea Denofa was going fast all event and doing perfect lines. im told hes at 500+ horsepower. my brother bought some springs from him over a forum and he was nice enough to deliver them to the track, so as well as being a badass driver hes also a cool guy too. Those who follow such things know that he won the XDC points championship this year, it was evident why.
XDC Phoenix
Pat Cyr continued to look outstanding, it was clear he had the layout on lock, even if his hood is funny.
XDC Phoenix
Miro's car was looking like a Ebisu missile at its last matsuri ever, but he was starting to look consistent on the second day. his LS1 engine probably didnt hurt.
Formula D driver and former Phoenix local Forrest Wang brought his "street" car. stock SR and stock turbo, but it doesnt matter because hes got so much rad that hes fun to watch anyway.
Im told he had electrical problems and was unable to qualify, but his car is one of my all time favorites so i was stoked to see it.
XDC Phoenix
Gleb "i have 400 horsepower are you kidding me?" Antinov came down from the PNW, but he wasnt doing to well, havnt gotten the story on that yet.
AZ wasnt looking too bad at this point, our locals were driving well with no cars broken.

Look at how sick! Joe Haven, George Marstonivic, and Mike Burns
but sadly our friends from Enjuku had only 3 pounds of oil pressure in the LS1, ending their day, and with it Nate Brasz's hopes at getting the championship. they had been on the road for a long time at this point and were ready to make the long trip back to florida. it was great meeting you guys, see you in longbeach in april hopefully!
the track was shut down for a few hours for a repair in the noonish time. someone's monsterous V8 torque pulled some asphalt out of the track surface, not a good showing for Firebird Raceway... and while that was being fixed the out-of-towners melted slowly and looked to be possibly dying. So....
hard park time!
Our friend Brad Lim of TEAM TOP FLIGHT was in town, his car was recently in the one/one car show at irwindale. its nice
XDC Phoenix
My car was there to show the shop logo and make gas station runs
XDC Phoenix
Dan and I are fashionable gentleman. he owns one of the nicest SR powered corollas ive ever seen, i will show you sometime k?
Qualifying started. Vitaly drove well,his first run looked very solid. He went for a more aggressive run to seal the deal but ended up spinning. there was about 4 cars that got double zero's so we thought we would be in the show. Other AZ drivers did good as well, though Joe Haven did look like he might not make the cut. this turned out to be true, unfortunatly.
Joe H
IMG_0134 (2)
Rich Spohr of AZdrift.com
IMG_0138 (2)
Vitaly Sopkin of Ace UP Motorsports and Elevens'
Nate Hamilton was driving well, his first run was near perfect and we all knew immediately that he would be in the tandem rounds later
IMG_0139 (2)

Qualifying ended as the sun came down. there was a drivers meeting
XDC Phoenix

People were there
XDC Phoenix

somewhere nearby girls were wearing silly boots and dancing
XDC Phoenix

and.....we didnt make the cut. bummer.
XDC Phoenix

so it was a little of a disappointment, sure. but was there anything we could have done better? not really, we put a good effort in and we had a great time. we met cool people, saw great driving, hung out with good friends and had some laughs too. I learned alot about how a real event is run and what to expect in the future and also was completly re-affirmed that our friend Vitaly is a great driver and car builder, he really impressed me. im happy to have our name on the side of his car, and we will continue to support him and his efforts in 2011 ! thanks for taking the time to read this, hope you enjoyed it.
-Dylan, Elevens'

Final Results for XDC round 6 are:
1. Miro Ovcharik, Pink s13
2. Pat Cyr, Corrola
3. Chelsea DeNofa, Green NST E36 (champion of 2010 season)
4. Jeff Jones, BMI RX-8

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