Sunday, October 17, 2010

XDC Phoenix write-up

im not good at writing things but here's my account of how our first foray into pro-am drifting went!

We at Elevens' sponsor and are good friends with Vitaly Sopkin of Ace-Up motorsports. He has recently his finished his 2+ year build of his Nissan 240 and we took it to its first competition this week, the final round of the 2010 XDC season. the event was right here at our home track so it was a great first event to go to for us, but it wasnt without alot of hard work and stress (almost all on Vitaly's shoulders, poor guy).
the car was completed in street form about a month ago, but XDC does have its own rulebook so a few things needed to be done to ensure the tech officials would be satisfied.
>>>>A bash bar/bumper support was made by Vitaly, this thing is so good. you could drive through a house with it and not even care

Our friend Kelly came by and performed a baddass alignment the night before roll-in/practice.
he works for toyota in their suspension devolpment area, so he knows whats what. also hes just cool and a really nice guy.

later that night ( like 3am) Concept 10 vinyl made up some nice and understated vinyl bits. sponsors are represented without ruining the clean look of the car, Brianna did a great job even if she did hate the door sticker haha

on the way to practice after a last minute (7am) windshield install. the old one was cracked and it was a bitch to find a replacement but about 30 calls later one was found, and installed with car on trailer haha

we passed tech yay! car looked great, and we met some new people as Vitaly waited for drivers meeting and open practice
the guys from Enjuku Racing came direct from their final Formula D event of the season. Nate Brasz would be driving the supercharged LS powered s14 usually driven by Bill Sherman. they did end up having trouble and were unable to run in qualifying, but the car is just beyond rad. Also you could not ask to meet a nicer crew of guys, they helped us out alot and were really fun to be around. hope to see you guys soon, sorry about the AZ heat!

Many of the usual XDC competitors of this year were in attendance, such as S. Leask, Miro, Denofa, Losey and irwindale Pro-am winner Pat Cyr in his stupid fast toyota

Practice time came. people were having trouble for a little while linking the course, but with the level of skill these drivers have they got it down after about 45 minutes. the weekend was free of any car demolishing crashes and the driving was clean all around. really fun to watch. Vitaly started to put down some really good runs, good line and great speed. the car was a little low on power but our friend Dan from Evil Engineering helped out with a wastegate spring fixaroo and the car was back on point. BIG thanks to Dan for all his help, another awesome person and general cool guy.
IMG_0146 (2)
>>>>>>> So that was the end of day one. i will continue next time with day 2, qualifying and comp day! keep watching

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