Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 2 - Qualifying

We have some videos here from practice and qualifying.


Vitaly run 2:

That spin spelled the end of Vitaly's day. We were all bummed for him but not disappointed in the least. He gave it his all amongst a more experienced field of competitors. He missed qualifying by a tiebreaker- the other driver to tie with him had been able to put up a second score and was awarded 16th qualifying position. He later broke his car in Tandem Practice and gave Chelsea an easy ticket to top 8.

some of the competition:

George vs. Cyrus [By thenape]

George vs. Chelsea

Chelsea advanced and George battled Josh Steele for 3rd.

At this point the s13.4 was unable to continue so George went on his "by-run" to 3rd place. Congratulations!!

More vidoes on youtube, more to edit, more to find.

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  1. Thanks for the sticker bundle, you guys rule!